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About That's My Robot LLC...

Our Mission

The mission of That’s My Robot LLC is to offer a mobile platform for individuals interested in building robots; learning to program; and using concepts provided with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields of study.

By utilizing a mobile platform, That’s My Robot LLC will be able to go to different organization locations and participate in events that a brick-and-mortar outfit would be unable to reach.  Also, That’s My Robot LLC will provide easy access to products, tools, resources, training and other opportunities pursued by the prosumer market. 

Our Vision

Engaging Minds!

  • At That’s My Robot LLC, our vision is to engage minds in the pursuit of building and programming robots; learning to code applications; and the pursuit of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields of study.  We strongly believe that our future is important, and we want to draw in young minds and help them develop their skills, interests and talents.

Innovation of Partnerships!

  • We partner with some of the most innovative companies to build simple, yet intricate ideas and innovations.  By partnering with those companies, we will cultivate the ways for children, and adults, to transform their futures!

Encouragement of Creativity!

  • We encourage those with the same mindset to pursue the advancement and education of robotics, programming and STEM concepts.  We value the creativity that everyone has to offer and encourage them to nurture that creativity in others.

Creating Fun!

  • We value the impact that everyone provides and encourage success and happiness.  We believe that fun is what fuels advancement and forges the juices required for creativity. We focus strongly on positive encouragement and downplay negativity out of competition.

About Michael

Hey there!

I’m Michael and I love robotics…ask anyone I have worked with in the past.  When I was young I would take my electronics apart just to see how they worked.  My mother would get angry because she would get me a set of radios, or electronic game, and shortly after I would have it apart.


In 9th grade I started to learn to program my Commodore 64; although it was mainly graphics, but it was something I enjoyed.  In 10th grade I took a computer class to learn Basic programming.  In 12th grade, I bought my first computer; a i386/16 with a 40 MB hard drive for $1,300.  It wasn’t a name brand, but through a local computer store and continued to learn.

After many years of tinkering and toying with computers I came across a company from Charlottesville, VA, and landed a job as a senor software test engineer.  Co-workers helped me to learn more in automation and programming spurring more interest in Python programming, arduino, raspberry pi, and 3D printing.

Today, That’s My Robot LLC is my dream being realized and sparking more interest in robotics through local organizations and involvement in my upcoming classes.  A place where I can work with both young and old minds alike…to further learn and grow as a tinkerer/programmer in a safe and encouraging environment.

Thanks for stopping by!


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