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Tonight, between 5 and 7pm, the Edgar Fahs Smith STEAM Academy in York held its open house for residents and potential students to check out what they had to offer.

I visited with Ms. Angela Ashley, prior to open house, and several of the teachers for a quick round of introductions and tour of some of the classrooms.  During the visit, I posed some quick questions about the possibility of partnering with the school and staff to provide additional offerings for students; either after school or on weekends.  Ms. Ashley liked the idea and we will be touching base later in the month to have some open discussions.

In the meantim, That's My Robot wishes Ms. Ashley and her staff a great Open House and success in their upcoming school year!

For more details about the school, please read the York Daily Records article:   Science, math, technology, arts academy to open at York school

Or, visit their website:   Edgar Fahs Smith STEAM Academy

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